A www.tel-aviv-flowers.com courier will leave the order at a neighbor’s house. He will also attach a note on the addresse’s door mentioning the details of the order and where the order is. Should this not be possible, we’ll call the receiver and set the best time to deliver.
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For a separate delivery date, please specify it on the correct field.
Unless the order was already delivered or already sent away, orders can be cancelled by filling our contact us form with your order number
Yes, the chocolate is kosher under Rabanot Israel Supervision or kosher halav nochri.
We currently accept Visa, Master Card and Diners credit cards.
There is no problem to send flowers on Sunday to Israel, Saturday and jewish holidays delivery can be done with extra charge of 55$ for delivery cost (needs an approval for each order).
The delivery rate in Israel depends on the address:
Delivery Fee in Haifa, Tel aviv, Jerusalem $10.00
Delivery Fee Kibutzim and Moshavim – $20.00
Delivery Fee Ramat Hagolan, Arava,Judea and Samaria-$25.00
All the prices in the web site are in American Dollars


How can I be sure that I’ll receive the product that I see ?

Pictures in our virtual shop are authentic and real. Anyway, if some product isn’t found in the stock, similar product will replace the wanted product.


ISRAEL : +972-3699-7030

USA/CANADA : 1-800-6055-210